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CENFEX SCHOOLS is a school born out of a vision to give your child total education, a recreated spirit and a sound mind in a sound body. Having been involved in providing remedial education for more than 10 years prior ro 2003. We have discovered that the major problem of our students has been that of a poor foundation. It is a common knowledge that any structure erected on a poor foundation can not last. The Bible recognizes  this-thus, “if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” This is why our core objectiv is provide the solid foundation needed for a meaningful life in and outside the school.

Adequate attention is paid to academic excellence and sound character training. Though open to all students who meet out standard,  CENFEX is essentially a Christian school. Jesus Christ is our foundation and on His completed work on the Cross, we rest.

The need for students to develop a passionate desire for reading is one of our burning aims.   Unfortunately, this love for reading is lacking in the society and it is bane of our educational system and the root cause of exam malpractices. Students who enjoy reading hardly have time for the delinquent behaviours prevalent among adolescents. These same behaviours lead to the bigger crimes they committee in their adulthood.

One of our goals is to de-emphasise the undue importance attached to the acquisition of material wealth. Students need to learn that they can be respected for what they know and who they are morally, rather than for what they have, who they know or whose children they are. Students who want respect from others will earn it with their good behavior and the importance they attach to their academics.

The proprietor of the School is a seasoned teacher, a trained school administrator and an educationist per excellence. He graduated with honours from University of Ife (now OAU) in 1978, where he studied English/Education. He also has a master’s Degree in Educational Management (University Of Ibadan). A class teacher for many years, he voluntarily left Oyo State Government Service in 1997 as a School Principal. He is the foundation principal and under God, you can entrust your child to him and his team of seasoned and dedicated teachers . 

Enrol in our Schools

We all want the best for our learners. This is exactly what we provide for your child at our school. Our goal is to help your child succeed, and your child’s success is a reflection of the wise decisions you made.

Pre School

While you are out at work or at the shop, we give your child the best care possible.


We provide kindergarten from one to three as well as preparatory class to help students mentally prepare.


With the right equipment and facilities, pupils have the knowledge needed to succeed in secondary school.

Why Choose Us

At Cenfex Schools, we take your ward through an educational
experience that is both inciting and exciting.

We have a track record of raising children who are spiritually reverent, academically sound and also socially outgoing.

We have a niche for academic excellence, yet, a soft-landing for our learners to learn and develop at their own pace.

Our social and co-currixular activities make us a theatre of dreams and an arena for champions who can’t wait for the next school day.

Settings that Encourage Learning

Our facilities, top-notch activities, kind teachers, and personalised instruction are all intended to support our children's academic and personal success.

Quality of Staffing and Teaching

We have a pool of qualified, trained and all rounded staff, who are passionate about exposing our learners to an unlimited learning experience within and outside the classroom.

A Home away from Home

We understand that the school is a child's second home. Thus, our school activities ( academic and co-curricular ) are deliberately fun, diverse, and interesting, such that the memory sings of them till the next school day.

Our Gallery

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