Vision & Mission


The vision is to build an institution that provides education and training of high standard relevant to and consistent with the needs of our society. Adequate attention is paid to academic excellence and sound character training. Though open to all students who meet our standard, CENFEX is essentially a Christian school. Jesus Christ is our foundation and on his completed work on the cross, we rest. The need for students to develop a passionate desire for reading is one of our burning aims. Unfortunately, this love for reading is lacking in the society and it is bane of our educational system and the root cause of exam malpractices. Students who enjoy reading hardly have time for the delinquent behaviours prevalent among adolescents. These same behaviors lead to the bigger crimes they commit in their adulthood. One of our goals is to de-emphasize the undue importance attached to the acquisition of material wealth. Students need to learn that they can be respected for what they know and for who they are morally rather than for what they have, who they know or whose children they are. Students who want respect from others will earn it with their good behavior and the importance they attach to their academics.
Pursuing excellence in education with the fear of God. At CENFEX, we have a PASSION to EMPOWER our students so that they may DISCOVER, PURSUE and FULFIL their God-given destiny with emphasis on diligence, honesty and integrity.